Quake Matthews – 6pm In Fairview


Ever since Drake mentioned my name in the KOTD press conference, every interview I’ve done, scratch that every person I have talked to from aquaintences to close friends to family members have been asking me questions regarding the subject. Hopefully this song enlightins you on a little Canadian hip hop history and answers those questions. Most rappers fear appearing vulnerable or weak when it comes to praising another artist but these are just my thoughts.

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Big Lean – No Chill


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Mike Boyd – Bush League

Another Mike Boyd home made video by the man himself. “Bush League” off the album “Note the Sarcasm”.

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Quake Matthews – Rap Music


1. Rap Music

2. Angel (ft. Neon Dreams)

3. Monster (ft. Knotez)

4. Picket Fence

5. You Ain’t Me

6. Snowflake (ft. DJ IV)

7. Helluva

8. Don’t Wanna Call It Off

9. Find A Way (ft. Jrdn)

10. 2nd Guessing (ft. Emanny)

11. Throw Me In The Fire (ft. Dylan Guthro)

12. Get Out Of The Way (ft. Ria Mae)

13. Love Me Anyways (ft. Dylan Guthro)

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TassNata – Midnight

Shot by Lee Watkins with 3 GoPro cameras, and a drone, Canadian rapper TassNata releases a new video from his recently released ep “Before Mourning.” The video, titled “Midnight” follows Tass around his hometown of Vernon, British Columbia as he paces the city inside of his favorite writing space – his car. The song itself is produced by Toronto mainstay Junia-T and was recorded at the infamous Truth Studios in Los Angeles. Midnight was originally intended as an interlude mix with no verses, only a hook repeatedly chopped through the beat. However, after a midnight drive through LA, Junia & Tass dicussed sleeplessness, creativity, and how often minds race to a million destinations when exhaustion sets in. Upon returning to the studio, with a concept to embody the conversation, Tass wrote two verses and the song was recorded. TassNata’s “Before Mourning ep” Was released via The Source Magazine on December 16th 2014. Midnight is the second video from the 9 track project.

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R.U.I.N. – Help My Discontent


1. Help My Discontent Intro

2. Right Here

3. Young Minds Grow

4. Gather ‘ Round

5. Let Me Be

6. Ain’t No Sunshine

7. I Remember

8. The Sermon II

9. On A Natural High

10. W.O.W. Pt. 3

11. Grievance (ft. Shone Bobby / SeAn Prominent / royceBIRTH)

12. Worms And Soils

13. No Associations (ft. MC Forty)

14. I’m So Great-Full

15. Dedicated This 2 U .. My Dad

16. Dead To The World

“Help My Discontent” (2015) is the second studio album from Toronto emcee, R.U.I.N., following 2013’s The Audacity of Dope, with production from Juno award winner Relic, as well as other outstanding Canadian producers like Fresh Kils and royceBIRTH, along with many others as well. It follows the story of the disgruntled saint struggling with many diverse issues that eat away upon our ability to be grateful in life. From struggles for respect and success, to academic squabbles, to dating, to art becoming work instead of fun, to medications, to retail work, and even to global injustices like war, “Help My Discontent” provides honest portrayals of struggling with all these sources of potential complaining in our lives, and sends up a prayer to the Creator, that despite of this we are truly grateful, but that we will always have a need for continual strength to help our discontent. Featuring Canadian emcees, SéAn Prominent and royceBIRTH, and Cincinnati’s own MC Forty of Sleeping Showers, “Help My Discontent” is an exploration of gratefulness, complaining, honest life, and ultimately the hope that new life can spring from our glasses, whether we view them as half-full or half-empty.

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Friends With The Help – Mashed Potatoes

Friends With The Help are a Vancouver based hip hop trio comprised of MCs Young Nige and Low Lux, and DJ/producer K-Rec. “Mashed Potatoes” was directed by filmmaker Jem Garrard. Here’s a short quote from the band on their inspiration for the video.

“We reached into a deep dark place on Mashed Potatoes, and what came out was a kind of reflection on isolation and loneliness. We were so excited when Jem Garrard approached us about doing a video; she said the whole concept unfolded in her mind the first time she heard the song.”

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Sese – 5 God


Artist: SESE
Produced by: Boi-1da (Drake 6 God Remix)
Directed by: 0therworld Films

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D-Sisive – 6″God


I made this in my bedroom.


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Ultra Magnus x DJ SLAM – The Raw


1. The Raw

2. Bill Clinton

3. Bun Tings

4. Autobot Anthem


6. Damage (ft. The Mighty Rhino)

7. Censorship

8. Game Over

9. Rock The Mic (ft. M.O. Littles / Dynamic)

10. Microphone Thrillah

11. O.D.B. (ft. M.O. Littles)

12. Yogibear (ft. Wordburglar)

13. Revenge Fantasy

14. Trigger

15. The Final Battle (ft. Maya Killtron)

Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! is everything the world needs during these tumultuous uncertain times. Another DJ and the 10,000th rapper this week, and from Canada, no less. But what sets this duo apart from the rest is they make music not for their contemporaries but for dental assistants, public servants, Puerto Rican goths, Filipino vampires, sexual deviants, 1990s ravers, dads, people with three dads, your dad, Big Daddy Kane, and you. Yes, even you, rap fan, should find something to like in the rhythmic bleating of Ultra Magnus and the steady beatitude of DJ SLAM!.

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