Unknown Mizery – Grown Up (remix) #BrownKid


A song about me growing up as a first generation brown kid. fuck the industry, the poverty pimps and your egos.

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M.ade I.n C.anada Volume 8



Toronto, ON – TopLeft Recordings and Quarter Inch Kings have come together once again to present the latest installment of the acclaimed M.ade I.n C.anada mixtape series. M.I.C. Volume 8 – mixed by the award-winning DJ Law – features some incredible Canadian talent from around the country.

In order of appearance, M.I.C. Volume 8 features Lee Ricks, Lakes, Bangerville (featuring T.R.A.), TassNata, Chris Green, Fish Grease, Cable (featuring Age & Lakes), Eternia, Daniel Son (featuring Mark Jordan), Mark Jordan, MIC GUTZ, TRPL-R (featuring Kirk Steele), SawBuck, ES, Daniel Son (featuring T Gramz) and Solid Ground. On top of a dope line-up of artists, Canada’s immense depth in production is really on display with this one as Volume 8 features bangers by Mike Dubbs, Emanuel Parks, Big Sproxx, Ashby, Central Parks, Cable, Durazzo, Phybaoptikz, Mannaz, B.K. Beats, Max Zims, Euphonic, BOD Productions, and, of course, the Quarter Inch Kings themselves.

You can download the project below as separate MP3 files, or as one long mixed MP3.

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Capeech Cappuccino – Galacticstar Hip Hop


1. Money Never Po

2. Beats, Rhymes

3. Something

4. Love Goes

5. Gone Away

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Dan-e-o – Bossmon (ft. Chip Fu)


Dan-e-o teams up with the legendary Chip Fu (formerly of Fu-Schnickens) to
engage in a machine gun double-time rap display of lyricism and show the
world who’s boss on the mic!

Produced by Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz for Urban Bounce Productions, “Bossmon”
appears on Dan-e-o’s latest album, “Inevitable”, out now on URBNET Records.

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Chris Thomas – Shit Show



Chris Thomas releases his first studio album “Shit Show” available now on DatPiff.com! The album features production from award-winning producer Sentury Status and collaborations with artists including D-Sisive, Gitta Thomas, Illvibe, Minty Burns & Reckless Christ.

Drunk words and some morning after regrets all come together on this bangin’ debut album from Chris Thomas! This is one project you need to take in for 2015!

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Drugstore Cowboys – Goodbye Forever


New album available may 1st 2015 —-dj shamann present the drugstore cowboys-la vida rapida (the fast life)

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Korry Deez – Double Fisted (ft. Parker)


Korry Deez teams up with fellow Monolith members, Parker and Lancecape, to deliver one thumping party joint in ‘Double Fisted’. Parker and Deez trade witty lines over an 808-heavy beat that proves Lancecape has a lot more on tap than what we think we know. These next two rounds are on Korry, so round up all of your friends and make sure they are ready to get live!

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royceBIRTH – Believe Remix (ft. Phoenix Pagliacci)


To keep things rolling, royceBIRTH revamps “Believe” featuring singer/emcee Phoenix Pagliacci. Everyone catches wreck over a Dilla-fied instrumental, sure to get your head nodding. This package includes several B-Sides (Last Laugh & Still Standing).

The original version of Believe, appears on royceBIRTH’s sophomore album, “Caesar Is Home”.

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Ultra Magnus x DJ Slam – Bill Clinton


“Bill Clinton” is the third single from Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s debut album, The Raw. The song was written at the peak of the scandal surrounding former Toronto mayor Rob Ford and relates to a similar scandal with ex-President Bill Clinton. It’s a song about drug use, life in the big city, and even some discussion of politics — in a satirical manner, of course. Filmed the day after recording “Bill Clinton” in the studio, the video combines shots of downtown Toronto and city hall combined with live show footage. The video was filmed by DJ SLAM! (on an iPhone, believe it or not) and edited/directed by Illvibe.

Written and performed by Ultra Magnus
Production and cuts by DJ SLAM!
Filmed by DJ SLAM!
Edited and directed by iLLvibe

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Suicide Kings – Rock Em To Sleep


1. Cus D’Amato

2. Tryin’ To Eat (ft. Aztek The Barfly)

3. We Out Here

4. Alligator Grillz

5. Examples (ft. Snak The Ripper)

6. Game Changer (ft. Teekay)

7. Noodles

8. Mind Playin’ Tricks (ft. Aztek The Barfly / Cancer / D-Boy Soul)

9. Game Changer Instrumental

Rock ‘Em to Sleep, the new album by  Calgary / Detroit duo Suicide Kings. Out on Panda Claw Records 2015. Visit PANDACLAWRECORDS.COM/STORE to order “Rock ‘Em to Sleep” on multicoloured vinyl.

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